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mulligans island

Hey Mark, finished your book. I enjoyed it. main character is a likeable larrakin, rough diamond...always enjoy a road trip story, very aussie. language didnt bother suits the characters cos I have met plenty like that. the wife bashing husband was a total bastard but it made you hate him, which was good. Would definitley suit the Robert G Barrett market, people that like his books I reckon would like this one...need to tap into that somehow, Aleta



Good morning, Mark, my computer finally granted me access to Mulligan's Island, and I spent a pleasant Sunday travelling around with Shaun on his journey of discovery. Thanks for trusting me with something so close to your heart.
It was interesting to see how Shaun developed gradually through the story, and I particularly liked his comment towards the end about it being more difficult to stay "amongst it all" and still get what you want from life. I felt like highlighting it, and sending it off to some people I know.....but I digress. I think your promise about the sex and swearing was just an old advertising ploy to lure in a reader; but, as you said, it was all very tastefully done (of course), and intrinsic to the plot. I suspect that my chance to star in your next work, thinly disguised (in more ways than one) as a lap-dancer, may not be quite as spectacular as you had led me to believe-just as long as it's not really depicting my life; you want to write something interesting, after all!
You must have such a mixture of feelings, after finishing the book. It would have taken so much to get it to reach completion, and although it would be a relief that you had managed to finish it, it would have been such a presence in your life, you would be missing it when it was no longer there , in some strange way.
So congratulations!!!! I look forward to being kept up to date with all your work and wish you well in your next venture, as you manage to stay amongst it all, and still manage, ( mostly?), to get what you want (more or less?) from life. A true achievement. love,L

Enjoyed the real life characters and circumstances. Normally I get bored with books and never finish them. I read Mulligans Island from beginning to end and enjoyed it !!

Mulligan's a fantastic read Mark. In fact, try as I might, I couldn't put it down - it was like "velcro" to my brain! I just wanted to follow Mulligan and his journey to the end and see what happened - where did he end up? How did it go with his daughter? Was McLeod ok? Did they re-join each other on the island?
May seem trivial to say, but I was even impressed at how (and I hope you don't mind me saying this..), you even managed to be convincing in the female roles. It is generally noticeable (even sub-consciously), as with hand-writing, to tell the difference between a man writing as a woman or viceversa, but I believed your female characters. Nice.
The other two short stories (on the site) were great. I'd love to read more of that work. Very engaging. Thanks for the entertainment. AB

Hi Mark! I enjoyed your book .... I picked it up when I'd spotted it on the coffee table and had a bit of a browse, got interested, and continued on enthralled with the plot. I found it to be a cosy kind of book that I could relax with, and looked forward to picking up at the end of the day. Do you have plans for another one? ... Vicki

Dear Mark,
Congratulations on your first publication - long may you reign!
You captured the typical ocker beautifully and made the accent believable, also the Japanese and Italian - that made me think of Joe's mother and father.
The women came across well, and the birth segment was almost too close for comfort, it was so realistic.
I could see it being a series, finding out if Mulligan is tamed would be interesting.
Good for you in your latest creative enterprise,

mulligans island
mulligans island
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mulligans island