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I am a singer/guitarist playing covers of popular songs from the last 60 years!

I am known for my huge repertoire - from 50s Rock'n'Roll, through to Contemporary Hits and everything in between. I love music and am constantly searching for new songs to add to my already vast song list.

Whether just acoustic guitar and voice (aided by my trusty harmony and loop pedals), or full band-sounding backing tracks, ideal for dancing, I have the music to suit any occasion, any situation.

My aim is to entertain the audience in front of me. I have music to please a young crowd right through to their grandparents! And it's great to see the grandparents responding to the newer songs in my repertoire. Onya Nanna!

My repertoire focuses on popular songs - Laid Back, Country, Disco, Old Rock’n’Roll, R&B, Pop, plus New and Classic Rock (see sample set list). I also like to include some favourites that are a bit more rare, but still popular - like re-visiting old friends. People have often said to me, "I love that song, I'd forgotten all about it!"

While I have originals in my song list, I don’t usually play them, judging when the audience is going to be responsive or not at the venue.

With over 600 songs (and counting) in my repertoire, I have music to please everyone and any age group.

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