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I have drawn and painted all my life, and living in the tropics, the lushness and vibrancy of the surroundings is a constant source of inspiration. The surroundings burst with life and abundance! Everywhere you look, there are subjects crying out to be painted, and I oblige as often as possible.

My primary medium is watercolour, but I've recently started painting in oils and acrylics, but still find the way watercolour behaves suits how I paint and remains my favourite medium.

I dream of painting full-time one day, but the life of a professional artist is not generally a prosperous one, so, for the moment, it remains a part-time pursuit.

Meantime, I paint as often as possible, and hope to do so until I'm unable to, because of age - or death!

It's a very satisfying occupation, and I am happiest in my studio toiling away (though admittedly it can also be frustrating - I've always said my mood is only as good as how well my current painting is progressing) .

((All paintings are watercolour unless noted)
japanese_painting realist_abstract beach_scene scooter_on_beach commission
god's staircase barron falls a tranquil moment between cruises mark_burton_artworkearly morning shower
watercolour art
coming to rest dust to dust end of the wet heavenly scent have you tried a new battery
watercolour paintings
golden slumbers jose's folly the lionfish sleeps tonight morning dew lovers' dawn
magnificent scenic walk 'morning torchy out of the shadows pd fantasea starlight starbright
sunlit frangis rapids - mossman gorge thanks warra tropical bounty which way did he go
a shedfull of memories a break in the trees take a closer look transition a quiet corner
spectacular artwork
treasure trove pinnacle splendour val da ri val da ra in praise of cooler sands a quiet day on the herbert
gone choppin' native splendour paddock dinosaur paradiso
the lunch spot I wandered lonely as a cloud we arer family better check that top gate another day ends
coming going gone jennys idea draft under the spreading custard apple he went that way syds domain
original art
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